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Keep your customers comfortable, staff happy and stock chilled with bespoke heating, air conditioning and temperature control systems for pubs, clubs and bars.

No matter what type of bar you run, all customers want to feel comfortable – whether dancing the night away or just having a couple of glasses after work. The ambient temperature of your bar has a subconscious effect on customers and uncomfortably high and low temperatures are likely to lose custom and may even attract negative reviews.

Comfortable, Productive Staff Members

                Whether you’re a busy nightclub or atmospheric village pub, your staff work hard to keep customers happy and ensure that every aspect of the business is working efficiently. Bar and glass-collecting work is physically demanding and a comfortable ambient, maintained temperature will help colleagues work more efficiently without becoming overheated or dehydrated.

                With a bespoke heating, air conditioning and air filtration system, you can ensure that the environment is kept at a suitable temperature for staff to work comfortably.

Happy, Loyal Customers

                There are occasions year-round which call for celebrations and customers are drawn to places that they remember as being comfortable – in summer, a well air-conditioned bar is a haven on bank holidays and weekends, whilst winter calls for cosy, warm evenings spent with friends and celebrating the holidays.

                A temperature-controlled environment, maintained through a bespoke climate control system can be altered to ensure that each area of the premises is optimised for its activities and the outside temperature.

Optimal Environments for Stock

                By design, cellars and stock storage areas need to be kept cool to maintain the life of the drinks and snacks stored there. With a custom-designed temperature control system from Simply Climate Control, you can ensure that each separate area – the bar, function areas and cellars, for example, are kept at individually-optimised temperatures to keep staff and visitors comfortable and stock in good shape for longer.

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