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For a cool hang-out in summer and a cosy hot-spot in winter, choose a bespoke temperature control system to keep customers and staff happy and loyal year-round.

When it comes to finding a nice place to hang out with friends, catch up with family or simply stop for a break in between shops, coffee shops are the go-to for many people – warm and cosy in winter and nice and cool during summer – a coffee shop is the one place guaranteed to be the ideal temperature – and with a bespoke Simply Climate Control temperature control system, you can ensure that your customers know that your shop is the ideal place for a break.

For Customers

                For customers, temperature is important throughout every season – in winter, nothing is more alluring than a cosy coffee shop with adequate heating, whereas, during summer, a nice air-conditioned coffee shop is the perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy the sunshine without melting.

                Bespoke climate control systems are the ideal solution for year-round comfort and ambient temperature control. Using heating, ventilation and air conditioning, these systems regulate the internal temperature of your premises to maintain a consistently welcoming environment which customers will love to tell their friends about.

For Employees

                For staff working with hot water dispensers, coffee machines and various food preparation equipment, working can become unbearably hot. Employees lose up to an hour of productivity per day through experiencing uncomfortable temperatures, so maintaining an ambient temperature within your coffee shop is important to keep employees comfortable, happy and efficient - so that they can concentrate on providing a high level of service to customers.

For Perfect Year-Round Comfort

                With a climate control system, your coffee shop becomes the perfect environment for customers, staff and equipment – which is beneficial to the business overall, as it increases customer and employee loyalty, as well as increasing turnover and profits.

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