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Members, Staff and Equipment work harder and perform better with climate control, bespoke air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort and energy saving

For gym enthusiasts, beginners and training staff, the temperature maintained throughout the building influences motivation, productivity and achievement. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can also negatively affect the functionality of gym and exercise equipment, making replacements necessary much sooner than they should be.

A Welcoming Workout Environment for Members

                Working out gets your gym members hot and sweaty enough, without a heating system making the room stuffy and uncomfortable as well. But in the locker, shower and pool areas, there may be a need for slightly higher ambient temperatures to keep members warm as they cool-down and clean off. A custom, bespoke temperature control system allows different temperatures to be set in various areas of the establishment and maintains an ambient temperature by reacting with heat, air conditioning and air filtration to keep your workout areas cool and feeling clean.

A Better Workplace for Instructors

                 Whilst a comfortable environment is important for member satisfaction – your gym instructors are practically working out all day! A cooler environment and a comfortable staff area to retreat to in-between sessions is ideal for productive, hardworking staff who help to build the reputation of the gym and keep your members improving and coming back.

                A temperature control system from Simply Climate Control can maintain the temperatures of multiple environments by reacting to the external temperatures and utilising heating and air conditioning when necessary to regulate the climate of your gym.

A Longer Life for Machines and Equipment

                Gym equipment is a large investment for business owners and maintaining it should be a priority – many machines can react negatively to environments which are too warm and will stop working efficiently much sooner than expected, costing the gym owners more money in the long run. A temperature-controlled environment can keep your gym equipment in good working condition for longer, no matter how often it is used each day.

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