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Medical centre staff and patients are happier in a temperature-controlled environment, whilst equipment can work better for longer and you can save time & money

Medical centres are not usually people’s favourite place to spend time, but it can be more enjoyable and comfortable with a temperature control system. Maintaining an ambient temperature throughout the consultation rooms, waiting areas and staff areas means that feeling too hot or too cold will not make patients or staff uncomfortable and reduces the risk of exacerbating a patient’s symptoms further.

Patient’s Health and Comfort

                Extreme temperatures can cause some symptoms and issues to become worse and can be harmful to a patient’s health, this is frequently seen during cold months, when cold and flu symptoms are increased and temperature affects the patient. It may also be necessary for certain areas of the medical centre to be kept at a unique temperature – for example, storage areas may need to be kept cooler than patient areas, whilst staff rooms may be slightly warmer, this is achievable with a climate control system with variable settings for different zones.

Staff Motivation and Wellbeing

                Doctors, nurses, admin assistants and cleaners all work hard to maintain the high professional standards of the medical facility and can only perform at their best when accommodations are made to make sure that they feel their best. Maintaining an ambient working temperature for staff means that productivity is not lost due to consistently trying to cool down, warm up or regulate their temperature, freeing up more time in the workday to focus on giving patients the best treatments and maintaining the medical centre’s standards.

Keeping Equipment Working

                Medical centres are home to a lot of expensive equipment and machinery which needs to be maintained to ensure that it lasts as long as possible whilst still working effectively. Machinery and equipment can deteriorate faster when exposed to ill-optimised temperatures, whilst a climate-controlled environment works to keep these valuable resources working functioning for longer. Saving money on replacements over time.

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