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Improve Schools with Air Conditioning & Heating Control HVAC & Air Conditioning

Heating, air conditioning and climate control systems keep staff and students comfortable to increase the overall academic achievements throughout every school.

Within Schools, Temperature control systems can also save money in the long run, due to keeping machinery performing at a high level for longer, particularly equipment found in ICT, science and art & design buildings – as well as help students perform to a higher standard by maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Keeping Students Alert & Learning

                Maintaining an ambient temperature throughout your school can help students to focus, giving them a better opportunity to reach their potential. Exposure to extreme and uncomfortable temperatures can lead to a loss in productivity for students and in turn, will affect the ability to learn and produce good results.

Enabling Teachers to Deliver Great Lessons

                Staff and colleagues work better when they feel comfortable in the working environment – and a consistent ambient temperature is a factor of this comfort. Heating and air conditioning systems designed to control the temperature within the classrooms, labs and common areas work to maintain the temperature whilst saving energy and encouraging productivity and great results throughout your school.

Bespoke Temperature Control Systems for Education

                Maintaining an ambient temperature within your school has positive effects on students, staff and equipment. At Simply Climate Control, we combine specialist knowledge with extensive industry experience to design bespoke heating and air conditioning systems to keep your school at a comfortable temperature year-round.

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