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Precise Temperature Control System for Your Server Room HVAC & Air Conditioning

Delicate technology requires precision climate control and air conditioning systems - to keep your servers reliable, efficient and on-track through all seasons.

Server rooms need to be kept between specific temperatures to maintain the efficiency of the technology housed within. This ensures that the equipment works optimally and reduces the risk of sudden failures affecting the business’ reputation.

Maintain Technology

                Server rooms are large rooms, or entire buildings, dedicated to hosting large server equipment – all of which is both temperature and humidity sensitive. To increase energy efficiency and to keep the servers working at an optimum level for as long as possible, server rooms must be kept between 18° C and 27°C and have a humidity level of between 40% and 60%. Both levels can be maintained with a bespoke air conditioning system designed to suit the needs of your business and premises.

Impress Clients

                Our environment control systems are designed to incorporate all the factors needed in server rooms and data centres – including particle filtration, temperature control and humidity control systems. By ensuring that the environment in which your servers are stored are kept in an optimal condition, the lifespan of the technology is maximised and the potential for major damage and outages are reduced – this means that a more reliable service can be offered to clients which is better for both reputation and overall profits.

Take Back Control

                At Simply Climate Control, we understand that every business environment has different needs. So, whether you currently host a small server room, or have entire data centres on site, we work with your requirements to design bespoke systems to keep humidity, temperature and particles under control.

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