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Keeping customers in store for longer & increasing sales opportunities, with bespoke temperature control systems, heating and air conditioning systems for shops

Shopping is a joy for some and a nightmare for others, either way customers love to walk into a shop with a comfortable temperature – whether it’s the welcome heat during winter, or a blast of air conditioning at the height of summer – shops with temperature control systems are favoured year-round.

For Customers

                One of the most important factors in retail is keeping customers in store for as long as it takes to provide a top service and make the sale. Temperature controlled environments enable businesses to keep their premises at a temperature which feels comfortable to shoppers and leads to a more enjoyable shopping experience.

                It is no secret that customers like to leave reviews about their experience and that those reviews can make or break a companies’ reputation. A shop environment which is too hot or too cold is one of the main reasons for customers to avoid a shop. Therefore, by keeping the shop at a suitable temperature, you can keep customers in store for longer and remove the potential for bad reviews due to uncomfortable temperatures.

For Staff

                Your staff work hard to deliver great service to your customers and make sales on behalf of your company – the truth is that employees perform at a higher level if they feel comfortable at work, and one of the main factors in staff comfort is the ambient temperature of their working environment. Up to one hour of productivity can be lost each day through staff discomfort – meaning that a bespoke heating, air conditioning and temperature control system could save your business money and increase staff productivity and service levels.

For Better Branding

                Simply Climate Control are experts in providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, including specially designed systems for business premises. These work to keep the ambient temperature consistent throughout the day and have great results for businesses, especially those who rely on customer and employee comfort to reach important goals.

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