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Make showrooms more welcoming and improve client relations and sales, with unique, custom climate control, air conditioning, air filtration and heating systems.

Showrooms are a key factor in making and retaining sales, whilst talking the talk is important, so is keeping the customer engaged and interested in your product – something they will find difficult to concentrate on if they are experiencing uncomfortable temperatures. A climate control system works to maintain a comfortable, ambient temperature throughout your showroom, offices and staff areas for ultimate productivity and sales drive.

Keeping Customers Happy

                One of the main factors in closing sales is keeping customers and clients in the building for long enough to do so – and one of the main reasons for customers leaving prematurely is temperature. Customers need to feel relaxed to feel confident in their decisions, and with high sales figures, confident customers are key. A temperature control system can ensure that your showrooms and offices are kept at the optimal temperature throughout the year, to keep customers where you need them – in the building.

Comfortable Staff Sell Better

                It is estimated than an hour of productivity – per employee - can be lost each day through feeling uncomfortable due to the temperature being too hot or too cold. When staff are feeling comfortable and happy, it allows them to focus their energies on keeping customers engaged, promoting your products and closing more sales. With a temperature control system from Simply Climate Control, you can ensure that both staff and customers are comfortable and at-ease to give the best possible foundations to make sales.

Optimal Storage

                Whatever your products, there is a chance that exposure to extreme temperatures can affect the condition of each item – this is easily rectified by ensuring that all products are stored in an optimal, climate-controlled area. With a bespoke, custom-designed and installed temperature control system from Simply Climate Control, this heating and air conditioning system can be programmed to maintain different temperatures in different areas – benefitting staff, customers and your products.

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