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Sports centres see better results from both members & staff as well as maintaining equipment for longer, with bespoke heating & air conditioning control systems

Staying comfortable whilst performing highly during a game is vital to the success of a team, pair or individual athlete. Whilst getting hot and sweaty is part and parcel of the hobby, it is important to maintain comfortable, cooler temperatures during the warmer months, whilst the indoor sporting areas need to be comfortable during the winter months – a climate control system maintains the ambient temperature and reacts to the effects of seasonal weather conditions to ensure a safe and healthy environment for sports.

For Better Training

                The temperature within sports facilities is something that many users take for granted, but imagine trying to perform at your best in a facility with either no heating or no air conditioning – at different times of the year, the external weather conditions will affect the ambient temperature of indoor facilities and can make training and competing difficult for even the most experienced players. A climate-controlled environment can ensure that the facilities throughout your sports club are neither too hot nor too cold, allowing your players, members and trainees to truly give their all to their game.

For Equipment Maintenance

                Sporting equipment can be very sensitive to temperature – especially if exposed for long periods of time – such as during the winter months. Equipment which is exposed to extreme heat or cold is likely to need to be replaced sooner than equipment which is stored at an ambient, or room temperature. A climate control system works to maintain an optimal temperature year-round, lengthening the lifespan of equipment and saving your facility money in the long run.

For All-round results

                Staff, players and equipment will work better for longer, producing greater results and reaching their full potential, when they are provided with a space which has a maintained optimal temperature – granting cover from the elements during winter, but also providing an air-conditioned space for practicing away from the summer heat.

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