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Keep tourists, drivers and commuters comfortable within bus, train and taxi stations with a bespoke temperature control system to heat, cool and filter the air.

Supporting the Morning Rush

                Commuting is a large industry across south England, due to many people working in London but living elsewhere, this means that the morning rush is full of sleepy commuters dreading facing the weather as they travel to work. But by installing a temperature control system, you can ensure that your transport station is a consistently comfortable temperature to give your passengers a better service and more reason to remain loyal to your services.

Keeping Machinery Working Efficiently for Longer

                Transport stations are full of different types of machine, including ticket machines, cash points, timetables and barriers – these are all affected by extreme temperatures, which can result in them needing to be replaced much sooner than necessary. Well-maintained equipment, which is kept in a temperature-controlled environment will work better for longer and both save the company money, whilst providing an efficient, reliable service to customers day after day.

Helping Staff to Provide a Better Service

                Studies have shown that staff can lose up to one hour of productivity each day when they are uncomfortable due to the ambient temperature being too hot or too cold – This affects both the service received by customers and in turn, can lose the company money and customer loyalty. Whilst a temperature-controlled environment keep your staff productive, productive staff keep customers happy and your profits growing.

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