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Increase learning, education and professional development by maintaining a temperature-controlled university through heating, air conditioning & air filtration.

From undergraduates getting ready for the world, to PhD researchers making amazing new discoveries – universities work hard to provide all the essentials these individuals need to progress and achieve in life. Although, the temperature of the buildings, classrooms, offices and laboratories can become an after-thought. Bespoke temperature control systems from Simply Climate Control allow your university campuses to have individually temperature-controlled areas to suit different subjects and activities.

Comfort for Staff & Students

                Climate control systems use heating, air conditioning and air filtration systems to maintain an ambient temperature throughout the day and year. For universities, this is particularly useful, as staff, students and researchers need to be comfortable to give their full concentration to their studies.

                It is estimated that productivity can be reduced by up to one hour per day for each individual who experiences uncomfortable temperatures whilst working. Universities work hard to prepare the next generation of industry leaders, as well as to assist current researchers in producing ground-breaking results – why hold them back?

Different Temperatures for Different Environments

                Universities host a variety of different courses and activities, and as such, require the flexibility to optimise each environment individually. Rooms with lots of technology can become hot and stuffy very quickly - particularly when there are many students in the room – this Is not only a bad environment for people, but can also negatively affect the technology and cause the need for replacements much sooner than a temperature-regulated environment. Alternatively, storage rooms for scientific activities may need to be kept cooler than room temperature in order to look after supplies and equipment.

University Climate Control Services

                For temperature control services for universities in Norfolk, Sussex, Essex and Cambridgeshire, Simply Climate Control offer a bespoke service to design the ideal system for your universities’ needs.

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