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Whatever the weather outside, you can be sure your home is at the perfect temperature with a top-notch air conditioning or climate control system from the experts at Simply Climate Control.

We are specialists in residential and home installations, whatever the size of the job, and we pride ourselves on our personal service.

From design and installation to service and maintenance, Simply Climate Control can guarantee a cosy cottage in winter or a cool kitchen in summer.

As well as keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, our systems can help eliminate the problems caused by dampness and mould, and the air you breathe will be healthier as a result.

Our air conditioning units use the latest technology to keep your rooms as warm or as cool as is comfy for you, and you don't need a degree in computing to operate them.

Fit one of our air source heat pumps and the system will extract heat from air outside, then use that to warm your heating and water. It sounds like magic but it's actually just some very clever science, and it works a treat.

Our climate control solutions let you regulate the temperature throughout your flat or house, no matter how big or small your property is.

Simply Climate Control can put you in charge of the atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, conservatory and any other room where all-year-round comfort is desired.

We even fit climate control systems for swimming pool heat pumps, loft conversions and home extensions are no problem for our experts.

We are hugely proud of our customer service, which sits at the core of our company, and that service is exemplary whether you are having a new climate control system fitted, or are having your existing system serviced.

At Simply Climate Control, we want all our customers to be left with a warm feeling!

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